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Pranayama Yoga

Without the proper breathing techniques yoga is no more than a series of acrobatic exercises. In order to explore the full benefits of all yoga practices you have to realize that deep breathing may bring a new sense to the way you perceive your life and actions.

The oxygen we inhale helps the body assimilate the nutrients we eat. While exhaling we are eliminating unwanted carbon dioxide that is toxic for our bodies.

Prana is the name yoga gives to life force, a combination of attributes from the spheres of spiritual and physiological elements.

Air is the main fuel for this life force. This is why mastering the intake and output of air is essential in order to experience the maximum positive effects of yoga practices.

Remember that breathing is also a factor that contributes to our mental status. A fast and irregular breathing may make our mind anxious and stressed while a calm and deep breath can bring stillness and power to focus.

Maximizing the benefits of the prana is one of the things yoga stresses on. Pranayama is the art of mastering your breath to help you achieve above average results from your mind and body.

Yogis use Pranayama to prepare for the yoga poses and to achieve a superior state of mind that allows the body to go one step further than the last yoga practice.

Opportunity knocks once. So when you get the opportunity to practice and benefit from yoga, do not let the opportunity slip from your hands. Get down to use what you now know practicing the healthpromoting moves of yoga!

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