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We will feel that all our efforts put into this writing about yoga have not gone to vain if you get some benefit from reading it. Do wish you were benefited.

All social categories and age groups can enjoy yoga as a hobby or even as a life style. Yoga practitioners studied the physical and psychological differences between men and women for a long time.

In general, men are known to be less emotional then women and they often suppress their emotions. This can lead to stress and, ultimately, to an increased risk of heart problems.

The higher physical strength of men is acknowledged by most dedicated yoga practices. This is why some of the poses dedicated to men involve more muscle power and stamina.

Many male yoga practitioners have found that a combination of yoga and weight training can provide them with the necessary vitality and positive thinking. In many cases, the balance between mind and body is broken by different adverse outside factors such as stress, pressure, social problems and so on.

The close link between body and spirit can often be seen in such cases: if the spirit is defeated, the body will soon get ill and weakened.

This is why the more physical aspects of yoga are highly recommended to men. Society imposes certain standards - and staying fit and looking good are just some of them. In order to have self-confidence and respect for your own self you need to take care of your body properly.

Some of the yoga poses you will read about later on in this article are great for keeping the body in perfect physical shape, especially when a balanced and nutritious diet is considered. Needless to say that physical yoga training greatly reduces the chances of various illnesses such as lowered blood pressure, heart attacks and osteoporosis.

This article will help you since it is a comprehensive study on yoga

Yoga also favors meditation and relaxation as some of its most efficient shields against stress. Half an hour of stretching your muscles and deep breathing can bring any yoga practitioner into a state of peace and relaxation that gives both mind and body the chance to replenish their energy.

Special yoga poses such as the head stand are excellent for aiding circulation and allowing the heart rate to drop. This kind of position also "forces" you to breathe deeply, thus improving brain oxygenation.

Another similar pose would be the shoulder stand, which enhances the positive effects of breathing by increasing the lung's capacity to process oxygen.

Both these poses are beneficial to the spine as well, as they allow it to stretch and relax at the same time. The plough pose may also be used in order to strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles. Savasana, also known as the corpse pose, is excellent for relaxing the body between asanas.

The above-mentioned poses need to be accompanied by some special breathing techniques. The Anuloma Viloma technique balances the prana levels in the organism and is recommended for use during physical exercises.

The Ujjayi breathing method clears the nasal passages and throat of phlegm and allows for a better air circulation. This technique also works well for improving the responses of the nervous system.

We hope that through reading of this article on yoga, your interest in yoga is once again activated and spiced up!

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