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Yoga and the Head Stand

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The Head Stand pose is considered to be one of the most beneficial yoga postures both for the body and the mind. The reverse of gravity contributes to resetting the heart, to improving the blood circulation and releasing back pain.

In order to get to this position you first have to kneel down and rest your weight on your forearms. Make sure to wrap your hands around your elbows and maintain the position for a few seconds. Then, release your hands and place them in front of your body, with your fingers interlocked.

Place the top of your head on the floor, while the back of your head stays in your hands. Thus, the inverted body can have a firm foundation made of the hands and the elbows, which form a tripod.

Once you got to this position, you can straighten the knees and slowly raise your hips.

Try to bring your feet in a position as close to your head as possible without bending the knees. Your head should be in a straight line with the spine and your hips should be pulled in such a way that your neck does not bend either backward or forward.

It is only if you find some usage for the matter described here on yoga that we will feel the efforts put in writing on yoga fruitful. So make good usage of it!

Next, bend your knees into your chest and gradually lift your feet off the floor, while slowly moving the hips backwards. It is recommended to take a short break and not immediately raise the knees higher.

Using your abdominal muscles, you are ready to lift your bended knees towards the ceiling. Now you can slowly place your legs in a straight position. Normally, most of the body's weight is felt on the forearms.

In order to safely come down in the original position, reverse the steps.

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