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Leg Raises and Yoga

Our present world is ever changing. Information about yoga too changes with time, so read on to learn the latest on yoga.

The Leg Raises exercises have the purpose of preparing the body for the yoga asanas. The particular muscles, which are straightened and toned by these exercises, are the abdominal and lower back muscles, together with the muscles of the legs.

You might not have strong muscles and, as a result, you'll find this routine difficult to perform, but, after a while, the moves will be easy to carry out.

It is only if you find some usage for the matter described here on yoga that we will feel the efforts put in writing on yoga fruitful. So make good usage of it!

If your physical shape is not the best, you are likely to find yourself arching your lower back or using your shoulders to help lift your legs.

In order to maximize the effects of the exercises it is very advisable to have the full length of your body resting on the floor, while your shoulders and your back are relaxed. Leg Raises normally begin with the legs together and the palms down on the sides of the body.

You can perform leg raises by either raising one leg, while the other one remains on the floor or by raising both of them, at the same time. If you work only with one leg, you can start by pushing down with your hands, to facilitate the leg lifting.

For best results, maintain the knees straight and try to lower your back as down as possible to the floor in order to straighten the spine, as well.

When performing this routine also mind the manner in which you breathe, as it is widely known that deep breathing can contribute to prompt and satisfying results.

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