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Some of the most efficient poses in yoga, are the standing positions. They offer excellent stretching of the muscles and they have noticeable effects on the promptness and accuracy of the nervous system.

Most standing poses manage to improve the asanas and they offer you an increased chance of mastering equilibrium, both physical and mental. In the following paragraphs we will have a look at two of the most important standing poses, the Mountain pose and the Triangle pose.

The mountain pose (known as the Tadasana) got its name from several defining attributes that share the symbols of the mountain. The pose benefits from a high level of relaxed strength and a feeling of invulnerability.

Much like a mountain, the person practicing this pose will be surrounded by stillness and will feel a pronounced sensation of balance. The clarity and profound vision offered by this pose enable you to go deeper in your inner feelings and connect with your inner self on a very profound level.

The mountain pose is achieved by keeping the heels slightly apart, so that toes are parallel. Perform a back and forth rocking motion on your toes and gradually come to a complete stop. Lift the ankles in order to consolidate the pose while also tightening the leg muscles.

Push your tailbone towards the floor while lifting your pelvic area towards the navel. Your arms should be hanging near your body while you are pressing your shoulder blades backwards.

We have not actually resorted to roundabout means of getting our message on yoga through to you. All the matter here is genuine and to the point.

The obvious positive effects of the mountain pose made it stand at the basis of many other poses. Tadasana implies that the practicing yogi has to learn the meaning of balance and stillness before moving further.

For this reason, the mountain pose is one of the best ways to connect with your inner feelings while learning the subtle ways of yoga. The energy channels of the mountain pose traverse your entire body, following the spine, from the back of the neck and down towards the legs.

The next important standing pose is the Triangle pose, or the Trikonasana. This relatively easy pose has a good stretching effect on the spine, giving it a good lateral motion that complements the stretching of other forward poses.

The straightness of the knees is vital while performing this pose, as this will allow your movements to be fluent and to stretch all the targeted muscles and organs. Bending to the left and right should be done gradually and fluently.

This is one of the yoga poses that is good for preparing the next levels of postures, which are more advanced and harder to accomplish. The stimulation of the spinal nerves is also beneficial and it improves overall body flexibility.

In order to enjoy the full benefit of the triangle pose you have to position your body correctly. Your feet should be spread apart while you are pointing to your toes. Try to alternate the pointing motion from your left foot to your right one while keeping a constant rhythm and perfect balance.

After you stretch your arms parallel to the ground you should inhale deeply, allowing the energy to strengthen your movements. While exhaling aim to perform a slight bend to either left or right while sliding your hand down your foot. This motion requires a lot of flexibility in the lower back muscles area, so a good warm up session is absolutely necessary before attempting the triangle.

Yogis who try this pose often notice the feeling of a lighter body, combined with a sensation of mild heat in the stretched muscles.

There is significant matter enclosed in this article about yoga for you to understand yoga better. Use it to it’s best.

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