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Yoga and The Shoulder Stand

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The shoulder stand pose is considered to be one of the best yoga asanas and it is very popular with yoga practitioners. However, this pose must be accompanied by deep breathing, otherwise it will not be more than an acrobatic looking position.

The shoulder stand pose was also adopted by gymnasiums and sports training facilities and it can be performed both by men and women with maximum efficiency.

Begin the pose by lying on your back, with the legs straight and close together and the arms parallel with the torso.

Raise your legs towards the ceiling, and point your toes upward. Let the weight of your body rest on the neck muscles and on the deltoid muscles of the shoulders.

Support the back and legs into the vertical position by allowing your hands to give the lower back the balance it requires. While going into the pose breathe deeply.

Hold the pose with your legs and spine straight.

Begin to breathe slowly and deeply while concentrating on the thyroid gland. It is located in the neck area so the shoulder stand will have a profound effect on it, increasing its tone. Hold the pose for a couple of minutes for best effects.

When you are ready to come out of the shoulder stand curve your back and knees simultaneously and lower them to the ground.

Remove your hands and place them flat on the floor. When the back is completely flat on the floor, straighten the knees and gently lower the legs.

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