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Yoga and Sun Salutation

Here is some exciting news about yoga. In fact, there are things about yoga here that you may have never heard before.

The Sun Salutation yoga pose is recommended for practitioners of all ages and especially for the ones who cannot dedicate a lot of time to their yoga routine. The reason why this pose is so highly appreciated has to do with the fact that it involves most of the muscle groups, as well as the respiratory system.

In fact, the Sun Salutation is a sequence of twelve yoga positions, linked together by a flowing motion and accompanied by five deep special breaths.

Each of the twelve positions contributes to stretching a different part of the body and different muscle groups. Moreover, it helps expanding and contracting the chest in order to regulate breathing.

Specialists and yoga trainers recommend this exercise for the daily routine, as it can contribute in a very efficient way to the flexibility of your spine and joints.

* The first of the twelve positions require you to stand up with your feet together. Your palms should be in praying position, in front of your chest. Once you make sure your weight is evenly distributed, exhale profoundly.

* While inhaling, push the arms up, keep the legs straight and relax the neck.

* While exhaling fold your body forward, press your palms down and try to place your fingertips in line with your toes.

* While inhaling bring a leg back and place it on the floor. Arch your back and lift the chin.

* Bring the other leg back and try to support your weight on hands and toes. Keep your chin down and retain your breath, while performing this move.

* While exhaling, lower your knees and then your forehead, but keep your hips up and make sure your toes are curled under.

* Lower your hips, while inhaling. Point your toes and bend as back as possible. Your shoulders should be kept down and your legs together.

* Curl your toes under and, while exhaling, raise your hips. You should end up in a V position. You should push your heels and head down, while keeping your shoulders back.

* While inhaling, step forwards and place one of your legs between the hands. Keep your chin up, while resting the other knee on the floor.

* Bring the other leg forward and bend down from the waist keeping your palms on the floor. Exhale.

* While inhaling, stretch your arms forward and then up and back over your head and try to slowly bend back.

* Return to the upright standing position, while exhaling, and bring your arms to your sides.

Yoga are versatile as they are found in all parts and walks of life. It all depends on the way you take it

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